A bittersweet night

In about 75 minutes, I will be at the FPC Session meeting where I will be sharing the news of the new call that I have been extended and that I accepted yesterday morning.  My feelings right now are in rather stark contrast to those that I felt about 12:30pm yesterday afternoon.  After receiving the news of the official vote of the PCW congregation to extend the call, I was humbled, excited, thankful, and simply happy that God had led us to that point and that God continued to bless the way ahead.

Tonight, I sit here with a pretty anxious feeling in my gut as I am really not 100% sure what I am going to say as I share the news with the FPC Session.  I am sure that I will receive a strong blessing and encouragement from the people around the table based upon the reactions that others have given to this point.  But, I have journeyed through some challenging waters with these individuals (especially the members of Session over the last several years – many of whom will be there tonight) and I feel that we have grown to be a strong and close group of people.  I have seen God at work in the actions we have taken, but even more so I have seen God in the ways that we have interacted with one another as we have worked through some difficult issues at times and have embarked on some exciting directions.

As I share in my letter to the FPC congregation (which will be distributed tonight), I am confident of the future that God has ahead for this part of Christ’s body.  God has started to put some excellent pieces in place and there is nothing but a bright future ahead.

I do trust that God will give me the words to say and I pray for the ways that the members of the Session will receive the news.

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  1. Pastor Ed, I have learned so much from you. Your leadership, your friendship, your love for your family, your love for your First Pres family, and your kind way, all of this I will miss. God has called you to another chapter and that is fantastic for you and your family. You will be missed immensly! God bless. Vonny

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