A time for goodbyes, transitions, and hellos

After many months of being circumspect about what is going on in Amy and my life, I am thankful to finally share with people exactly what God has been leading us towards.  As I have already begun my new relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming, it has been hard to live in a space the last several weeks where we were not able to be fully open with everyone here in Sioux Falls.

As I have had opportunity this morning to talk to several people within the congregation about this new calling, it has been wonderful to receive the blessings from people affirming where God is leading us.  But, having shared so much with people here in Amy & my life, in the lives of individuals in the congregation, and in our shared life and ministry, it is hard to think about the many goodbyes in the coming weeks as we transition into our life in Ohio.

I will be using this space over the coming weeks as a place of transition to share about our experiences in this period, as well as reflecting upon the last nine years of common ministry with FPC, and also about where God is leading us to Wyoming, Ohio.  Please feel free to use this space to share your thoughts and feelings as well in this period.

To the members of First Presbyterian who are reading this page, I want to sincerely thank you for allowing me to partner with you in ministry these last nine years.  Words truly cannot express the depth of connection that Amy and I feel with you.  You have been a part of so much in our life and have been an incredible source of blessing through these last nine years.  I am very thankful for each one of you and for all that God has done in our common life together.

Grace & Peace,

PS – Here is a copy of the letter that is being mailed to the FPC congregation today.

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