Can't get away from it…

I can’t seem to get away from this “Already But Not Yet” concept.  I started praying this morning about my upcoming preaching topic on October 19, which is based upon John 17:6-19.  The overall theme for that morning is “In but not of” in talking about how we, as Christians are part of the world, but not part of it.  We are to be in the world, but not of the world.  Another “already but not yet” concept.  (more on that later this week).

Then, I fired up a Genius playlist on my ipod coming home and it came upon one of Coldplay’s songs entitled “Til Kingdom Come.” (lyrics).  I had heard the song many times before, but in the context of this recent thinking about this concept, it took on a bit of new meaning.

Even my football teams are in this boat.  The dreaded P word applies to both the Broncos and Buffaloes – tons of talent, but not quite there.

Add to that a final piece to this puzzle that even this blog is in a bit of already but not yet.  I logged on tonight to find that something went goofy with my wordpress theme that I can’t get fixed as yet (hence the different look right now).  Not sure what’s happening there…

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