Having been dissolved…

I have joked with a few people the last few days that it feels weird to have been dissolved.  I guess it isn’t me who is dissolved as much as my call as Associate Pastor will be dissolved (official PCUSA term) in mid-November when I officially begin the transition from pastor here to pastor at PCW in Ohio.  Its a strange term and one that I wish could be spoken of differently, even in official parlance.  Why not something more like “blessed in a new direction” or “commissioned to a new form of ministry” or something like that?

I had a conference call with several members of the PCW staff this morning to talk about some plans for Advent and also to just begin the process of us serving together as a ministry team and I have to say that it is exciting to think about the time we have together ahead of us.  I have seen the many gifts present within the community that is PCW and I know that God has some exciting things ahead.  Its just several steps down what looks to be a very busy road the next few months.

Its interesting that I am just about finished with Joshua in my devotional reading right now.  In many ways, this call process over the last 7-8 months has felt like the Hebews in the wilderness.  I have felt lost and confused at times, I have grumbled and have been stiff necked probably a few times, but God has been present through it all and has provided thorugh it all.  The path that God has led is clear as I now look back upon it.  As I come to the end of Joshua tomorrow, it is completing the journey of the Hebews from Egypt into the Promised Land.  Its exciting to think that I am moving from one part of my journey into a new one as well.

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