A mishmost post – Snow, Boxes, Pneumonia, and Thanksgivings

A mishmosh of things – just as an update on our life and what’s happening…

A few people have asked about the snow in South Dakota over the last week or so.  Those of us in the SE corner of the state got just about .5″ of snow and the really nasty stuff was more in the central part of the state and skipped us.  Normally, I would have been a bit bummed about that as I love snow storms, but in this case, I am very thankful that we were passed over.  Although prayers for those who are still getting power restored from the storms.

The process has begun.  As I type this, the movers are hard at work upstairs packing things up.  They have cranked through two rooms so far (in about 90 minutes) and are attacking the kitchen.  They are really amazing.  I have to confess that I don’t totally believe them when they said that our house was perfectly ready to be packed up.  I think they were just being nice.  🙂

Pray for our littlest dude as he has been sick the last few days and was diagnosed yesterday afternoon with pneumonia.  Bad news is that its pneumonia.  Good news is that we can give him some strong antibiotics and he should bounce back pretty quickly.  Some prayers for him would be greatly appreciated.

The plan is that the house and my office will be packed up today and tomorrow and we will hit the road on Saturday.  Prayers for sanity and safe travels!

Amy and I have been reminded time and time again these last few weeks, and especially in the last few days, how blessed we have been here in Sioux Falls in the relationships we have developed and the ways that so many have done so much for us.  It is truly humbling.  We give thanks for our friends who are going to do some final work on the house after we move out – filling holes, touch-up painting, taking some stuff to the dump, and so forth.  We are so humbled and so thankful for not just those acts of love, but the many these last many years.  Thank you all so much – you know who you are.  🙂

Off to make some PBJ sandwiches for the kids before naptime…

2 thoughts on “A mishmost post – Snow, Boxes, Pneumonia, and Thanksgivings

  1. Sorry I missed you guys on Sunday. I was not feeling well and did not want to spread germs. I will just mail our card to your new home. You will be in my prayers daily! Love & Prayers, Gary and Allen

  2. I do wish I could have gotten down to Yankton to see Gary with you sometime in these last few weeks. I will continue to hold you both in my prayers.

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