Disturb Us…

While tomorrow is not my first “official” Sunday as pastor at The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming, it is the first Sunday that my family and I will be attending since I was officially extended the call to this position back in early October.  In many ways, that seems like a lifetime ago and in other ways it seems that it was just a few days.  I am excited about attending worship tomorrow and begining the process of becoming a part of this community of faith.  As I was thinking about tomorrow morning, I came across a recent post on Adam Walker Cleaveland’s Pomomusings blog with the following prayer:

Disturb us, Adonai, ruffle us from our complacency;
Make us dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the peace of ignorance,
the quietude which arises from a shunning of the horror, the defeat,
the bitterness and the poverty, physical and spiritual, of humans.

Shock us, Adonai, deny to us the false Shabbat which gives us
the delusions of satisfaction amid a world of war and hatred;

Wake us, O God, and shake us
from the sweet and sad poignancies rendered by
half forgotten melodies and rubric prayers of yesteryears;

Make us know that the border of the sanctuary
is not the border of living
and the walls of Your temples are not shelters
from the winds of truth, justice and reality.

Disturb us, O God, and vex us;
let not Your Shabbat be a day of torpor and slumber;
let it be a time to be stirred and spurred to action.

From The Amidah for Shabbat in the Shabbat Evening Service Prayer Book

I was moved by this prayer because it is a call of openness to be moved beyond complacency, beyond the same ol same ol, beyond the ordinary.  It is a call to be open to the movings of a God who works wonders in and through us beyond anything we can ask or even imagine.  May God so move me, may God so move us.

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