I am an Apple fan, but not buying this…

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Ok – I am a new Apple fan (made the big switch last year to Mac from Windows) and, for all the problems it has, I love the iPod and iTunes.  I have owned several iPods over the years and use my Touch daily for pretty much everything – calendaring, email, web browsing, music, games, etc.  I also have a shuffle that I use when I work out.  But I heard today that Apple released a redesigned Shuffle.

880194_toilet_paper_roll-copyAs a parent of young children, there’s no way that I would purchase this for me as I can imagine it going immediate into the mouth of a little one.  The older model shuffle was small, but it was bulky enough and square enough that it wasn’t a choking hazard.  This is basically smaller and more round than a package of PEZ candy.  Note the comparison between this and “choking hazard measurement device” – a toilet paper tube…(sorry for the rough photoshop work)

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