How to start reading the Bible daily

I had several people ask me after worship today about best steps to getting into the routine of daily Bible reading.  First answer is simply, just do it.  Just start picking up your Bible and start reading.  But for those MBTI J’s like me, a plan is often very helpful.  I have used the website as a guide for me in my daily readings.  My practice is to simply read through the Bible in a year and then start again.  This site has a ton of options for reading through the Bible in a year – Just choose the translation you are using and then “how” you want to read it – In order of the books, chronologically based on when its thought the books were written, etc. Then choose the date you are starting (either the 1st or 15th of the month – hey its the 15th today – what a great day to start!) and go for it.

This practice will also help in knowing where the books of the Bible are (a la my story about Daddy Bruce at the 1100 service). The more times you make it through the Bible, the more familiar you will be with the flow, etc.

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