An update on the SnowGoode MASH unit

Well, as many of you know, our home feels like it has been turned into a MASH unit over the last week. Starting last Sunday (about an hour after the installation service), our youngest started getting a cough. Next morning, it was a fever and a major cold and cough. Continued with Tuesday night a trip to the acute care clinic at about 930pm with him. The bug continued its run through the house getting our oldest child, then my wife, and then our middle child – our little girl. All the while except for about a 2 hr block on Friday night, I have been spared the fun. Anyway, things were looking in the clear late this afternoon as my wife was leaving for a meeting at PCW and was dressed for the big dinner/dance when we discovered that our little girl’s fever had jumped back up to 102. Here’s hoping this is the bug’s last gasp and we are fully on the mend. It has been a crazy blur of ibuprofin, thermometers, cough medicine, calls to the doctor, weird wakings in the middle of the night, and so forth. So, we ask for some prayers that the bug has had its last gasp in our house and this week is a much calmer week in our home.

And no, none of us have been to Mexico or have knowingly spent time with people who have been to Mexico in recent weeks. 🙂

Anyway, just a bit of an explanation of my weird schedule and non-appearances at some PCW events the last week or so, including tonight at the dinner/dance, which I heard was an incredibly great time. So sad that I missed it! Kudos to Bill and all of those who helped put it together!!!!!

2 thoughts on “An update on the SnowGoode MASH unit

  1. I hope that all are healed. We have been healthy even though we had lots of holding, reading, hugs and kisses from the Zs. I believe that all that love just built up our immune systems!
    We are about 10 days behind Wyoming, Ohio, in greening up and trees blooming/leafing out. It really looks like spring.
    Had an absolutely fabulous time with all of you; enjoyed meeting many special people. Thank you again!!!
    Happy May Day

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