Five years ago tonight

Five years ago tonight, I looked out the window in one of the skywalks at (then-named) Sioux Valley Hospital and saw a rainbow across the sky.


I stood there and thought about the fact that I was a father.  About an hour before, the doctor delivered our beautiful twins and I had the honor of holding those two beautiful children and being amazed at the blessing that God had brought into our lives.  The doctors had taken them to the NICU as they were nearly six weeks premature and we would be able to see them again in about 30 minutes.  So, while my wife rested, I stood there and saw this beautiful reminder of the promise that God will always be with us.  I was reminded of the many ways that I have received God’s blessings and simply could say nothing more than “thank you.”

Happy fifth birthday, my little ones.

5 thoughts on “Five years ago tonight

  1. While they are of you… they are not from you. They are, and always will be gifts from heaven. You are blessed indeed!

  2. I am also remembering a birthday, although I wasn’t there for the event. One of my two living aunts is celebrating her 97th birthday today. She would have been in NICU if it had existed, as she only weighed 2.5 lbs. She wasn’t expected to live through the night and the doctor told her mother not to name her. Her Aunt Maggie stepped in, warmed her at the oven door and I’m sure prayed over her. And today, I’ll celebrate with that aunt who was named–Margaret! Thanks be to God! Enjoy the day with the twins!!

  3. Beautiful!! How quickly those five years have gone! We feel so blessed to have shared many special times with you and your family. Ethan says, “A rainbow—that means that God LOVES YOU!!

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