Shortly going silent for a while…

Well, I’m about 96 hours away from going dark for a while on blogging, facebook, twitter, email, etc. Early Tuesday morning, I will be on the road with our middle school groups heading to the Inside Out Middle School Conference in Harrisonburg, VA.  I’ll be there through the latter part of the week and then its vacation with the family for the next 2+ weeks as we head down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  This is our third year heading down to the outer banks and it is becoming a wonderful tradition.  We are especially excited to see how our little ones do now that they have gone through their swim lessons and are officially considered (by Wyoming Recreation) Turtles and Shrimps (the names of their swim classes).  They probably won’t be doing too much swimming in the ocean, but they will definitely be hitting the pool at the house.  Anyway, two weeks there – one week with Amy’s family and then a week with some dear friends of ours from Sioux Falls.

One thing that I have done the last two years and will do again is that I go pretty much electronically silent.  While there is wifi, I use it only to email out pictures to friends and to update our banking information.  Beyond that, its books books and more books (along with lots of playing at the beach and relaxing in the hammock).  I cannot wait…

The books that I have so far to take are:

I’ll also bring along a few novels, but not sure which I want to do at this point.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, I’ll be online as usual for the next few days and then I’ll see you all in July!

3 thoughts on “Shortly going silent for a while…

  1. Mary Doria Russel’s the Sparrow and Children of God, as well as her Thread of Grace oughta get yer thinker goin’.

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