Experiencing the Church

There have been few Sundays in my time as a pastor here or in Sioux Falls that I looked forward to with greater anticipation and excitement than October 11.  Our Be the Church Service Sunday was setting up to be a wondrous experience of God at work within us and through us.  I was excited about the “buzz” around the community and about where this would lead us.  I cannot tell you the disappointment I felt on Sunday morning when I woke up feeling as I did.  Cough, fever, aches.  Similar things taking place around my house with the rest of my family.  My disappointment on Sunday morning was in the reality that I was not going to be able to share in all of it with the community of faith.

Since Sunday, however, that disappointment has been eclipsed by the many stories I have heard about what took place while building the playset, serving and singing at the Drop Inn Center, in the service at Evergreen, in putting together care packages for children and soldiers, in making up blankets for Children’s Hospital, in the rake and runs, making meals for Glad House, working at the Habitat house, and in the spirit and community shared.  I have heard ways that God was experienced, Christ was shared, and how the Spirit was at work.  Several have shared that they have not experienced something like Sunday in a very long time.

What has also taken place is that my family and I have experienced the church in a very tangible way this week.  From our little girl being home sick on Friday through to today (Thursday), we have experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support this week from the church.  People have just stopped by with meals, desserts, offers to go to the grocery store for us, and many people emailing that they are praying for our quick recovery from whatever flu bug (it has not been officially diagnosed as the piggy flu, but the docs are saying that it most likely is) it is that has knocked us all for a loop this week.  Thank you all so much.  I give many thanks for the outpouring of love, prayer, grace, and support from so many this week.

We are on the rebound, but still working back up to a normal energy level.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  Thank you all for how we ARE the church each and every day.  Looking forward to being back with everyone on Sunday.

Grace & Peace to you all!

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