Jesus the boy

Thinking about the Lectionary Gospel passage for Sunday got me thinking about what it means to us that Jesus was a little boy, what it means that Jesus was fully human as well as being fully God.  It matters that Jesus lived what we lived.  Felt what we felt.  Experienced the blessed wonderfulness of life as well as the deep heartbreaks that often come.  The Gospels don’t say a whole lot about Jesus between when he was an infant and when he was an adult, except for this one story in Luke.   This one story shows a side of Jesus that reflects both of his natures – his divine nature where he was the “whiz kid” in the temple blowing the priests, etc away with his questions and answers – and his human nature as the child who took off from his parents without them knowing.  The story reminded me of this wonderful song by Rich Mullins called “Boy Like Me, Man Like You”

Click here to listen

What does it mean to you that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine.  What difference does it make in your life?

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