Lord in your mercy…

For your children in Haiti…hear our prayer

If you are looking for ways that you can help with the relief efforts only just beginning in Haiti, here are some immediate ways you can help

HaitiPartners – Haiti Partners is an organization founded by a dear friend of mine from seminary who has spent a great deal of time in Haiti.  Their vision is “Helping Haitians Change Haiti.”  You can donate for earthquake relief here.

Yele – Organization founded by musician and native Haitian Wyclef Jean.  You can also donate $5 immediately by texting YELE to 501501

RedCross – The American Red Cross has set up a similar donation system.  Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

Both of these will have the charge show up on your next cell phone bill.

You can also donate through the PCUSA through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  You can do it online here.

Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer.

A Prayer for Haiti written by Amandamic21 and posted at Writers-network.com

Today, our friends from Haiti weigh heavy on my mind…
An impoverished country where life has often been unkind.
Shanty houses, little food, civil unrest for years.
All of God’s people, with all their mighty fears.

A 7 point earthquake today rattled this place…
Shook it at the very core, did not miss a trace.
Innocents buried in the rumble, death toll not yet known.
Please pray for the hearts of the world to be shown.

Let’s get rescuers, food, and water swiftly to their aid.
Let’s bring them help so they don’t have to be afraid.
Families torn apart, innocent children left alone.
Bodies lying in the streets of this destroyed zone.

Offer our hands in friendship to aid in their plight…
Bring hope in the wake of their dark, dreary night.
Sometimes I think God says ” You know what to do…”
When we open our hearts, they will know it too.

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