As Is – by Krista Finch

I feel another one of my manic reading periods coming on.

I started reading the book As Is: Unearthing Commonplace Glory =by Krista Finch tonight.  I read about the first 50 pages and had to put it down.  Not because it was troubling or difficult to read or anything of the sort, but instead I felt like I was missing something by reading so much so quickly.  The book is a collection of 1-2 page reflections grouped into sections.  I read the first two and when I came to the end of the 2nd, I felt like I had read so much that I needed to let what I had taken in thus far begin to settle in for a while.  My sense of the book to this point is that it is an exploration of the glimpses of heaven in the midst of real life, hence the title “As Is.”

As I read the first few sections, I heard about firefly chasing, children dancing before a camcorder, similarities to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, and grace upon grace.  While I have not finished the book (I have about 150 pages more to go), I already cannot recommend it highly enough for someone looking for a book to simply refresh the spirit and nurture the soul.

As I thought of the title, I immediately went to a piece on the Lord’s Prayer composed by Ennio Morricone from his soundtrack composition for The Mission.  One of the pieces (youtube link below) is entitled “As it is in Heaven.”

It is the perfect compliment to Ms. Finch’s beautiful and encouraging words.  Listen to the piece a few times and I am sure you will have a bit of that commonplace glory that Ms Finch writes of.

One other note about the book – Ms Finch is donating 10% of all sales to IJM – International Justice Mission – in their work to help end modern day slavery.

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