More on Abraham and Isaac

Yesterday morning, we focused on the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 18.  By no means an easy story to deal with and there was far more that could have been said and questions wrestled with than we were able to have time to do yesterday morning.

Several people asked me for some more information about it and one of the resources I shared was Søren Kierkegaard’s book, Fear and Trembling, where he begins with four alternate re-tellings of the story.   It is an interesting and challenging read.  After his re-tellings, he goes into several further questions about the story.  It is by no means an easy read, but Kiergegaard does wrestle with some of the questions that come up in the story.

Fear and Trembling –

There are also many articles online that present a variety of different viewpoints on the text.  A good list of them can be found here at  This page also includes a link to many artistic representations of the story through history that are also very illuminating as we seek to interpret and work with this story.   I will warn you that some of the paintings of the story are very difficult to view, which is why I have not posted them on this page.

I hope that these links can help with your further reading and exploration of this story.

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