Today and some pictures

Good morning all! Of course it’s about 7p back home…

Anyway, we will be heading to worship at a local Cambodian church this morning where the director of a ministry to children in the Phnom Penh slums will be preaching and some of the children will be doing a skit as well. We will have lunch with him following and then will be going to learn more of the dark chapter in Cambodia’s history as we go to visit a former Khmer Rouge prison and then possibly the killing fields as well. Going to be an emotional day.

Here are pictures from the last few days – Cambodia pics 1

On the bus ride here yesterday, Marjie shared something that was very meaningful to me. It was a simple statement but has stuck with me. Hopelessness is not in God’s vocabulary. That is such a beautifully true statement especially how we consider the ways in which we are partners in making that true in the world, whether it’s here in Cambodia or back home in Wyoming or somewheres in between. Amen.

This picture captures that idea for me – we s a stunning rainbow on the drive down here yesterday and this is one of my many pictures of it.


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