Our first clinic visit

Yesterday was a very fun and inspiring day! We spent the day at Mercy Medical Center and got to see the whole center at work. It was truly inspiring to see the ways that God has orchestrated this center and all the people who God has brought together from all over the world to make it happen. We spent most of the morning yesterday hearing more about the history of MMC and the steps that have come together to bring them to where they are now. After a wonderful lunch the small restaurant at the back of the clinic, we got to work in the afternoon. Pam and Wendy spent time with the nursing staff teaching about preparing sterile fields and other similar lessons while the rest of us worked on several different projects.

One group started with sorting through the 334 pounds of supplies for the clinic and toys/gifts for the children of Phnom Penh. Another group started on painting the beds that will be a part of the soon to be completed inpatient area. Eva did some photoshop work as well for Marjie. The sorting and painting groups finished up together and eventually completed sanding and painting 6 of the 8 beds and one IV pole.

We closed our evening with devotions and processing the first several days we have had here in Cambodia. I am so thankful to be able to share this time and for the team that God has brought together here. I continue to pray for how God will use us not only here but even more so as we return next week as we discern how we are a part of God’s continuing work of justice and reconciliation throughout the world.

We closed last night with a variation of this prayer.

Oh Merciful, Beneficent God, help us to be neighbors to each other so that in unity we can begin to build bridges. Give to your children your Spirit as we battle wickedness and racism, always remembering that we are called, not to walk on the other side, but to speak out against injustices wherever they be found. Amen















3 thoughts on “Our first clinic visit

  1. Hi Ed,

    Its great to see your pictures. And to relive this experience through your posts. The new clinic looks great. Such an improvement over the old clinic. Please say hello to everyone for us, including Mr. Li!

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