We have headed down from Phnom Penh to the coastal town of Kep for the last few days of our trip. We will be doing some debriefing and discussion about our experience here but there will also be a good bit of r & r. Kep is absolutely gorgeous and we have only seen the smallest bit of it so far. Of course, that was around late afternoon and sunset so that’s a pretty good time.

Tomorrow morning, several of us are going to start off the day on a hike through the jungle where we will hopefully see some wildlife along the way. Camera batteries are charging up now. We are then going to spend some time going over some reflection questions about the trip before taking some time to journal, think, pray, etc. but these next few days are very important in the transition to coming back home at the end of the week. What has God shown us? How has God been moving within and through? What are we taking back with us that will change how we live back home?

The drive down here was beautiful as we got to see some very different parts of the country – much more of the rural side of Cambodia compared to the more urban sides we have experienced thus far. God definitely created a very beautiful place here.







2 thoughts on “Kep

    1. It was a sarcastic comment about us getting to get to be in a n absolutely gorgeous coastal area. Sarcasm doesn’t always come through. Editing post…

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