Lent 2013 Photos – Day 19 – Thirst

We are a thirsty people. Everywhere we turn, there are things to drink. Drink dispensing machines filled with all kinds of drinks – Coke, Pepsi, bottled waters, sport drinks, etc. The list seems endless. Yet, do we truly drink what we should? This is both a literal and figurative question – we don’t drink enough water and we don’t drink of the living water God provides as much as we should. Instead, we settle for fast, sugary, short-lived replacements. May we drink of the water that lasts and nourishes in body, mind, and spirit.

I also cannot post this without acknowledgment of the reality of so many in our world who do not have access to the water they need simply to survive. I am blessed to live somewhere that I can just turn on a tap and have clean water to drink, wash, and use. Yet that is not the reality for many. How can we work to provide that resource to quench the thirst of so many?


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