Advent Observations – Day 01 – Go


Advent Observations – Day 1 – Go

Its ironic that the first day of Advent brings a picture of Go. We left Virginia this morning to head home. So, there was a lot of “Go” today – packing, driving, etc on the 8 hours to get home. I also think of how loudly the word was shouted as Auburn was returning the winning TD in the Iron Bowl last night. I think that was the word from everyone as we stood shouting.

I find an irony in the fact that we can have such great passion about things like football (I am as guilty of this as anyone) and yet we don’t have the same passion about following Jesus’ command. Not sure how clearly the picture here shows it but this is a pic of the side view mirror of our car as we were driving through WV.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

This is the message written in light lettering in the side mirror. I think there’s something in this for the ways that I and we often connect (or don’t) with the world Christ calls us to serve. The world surrounds us and is a part of us yet we often live like it is separate from us. Yes we are told that we are to be in the world but not of it. Yet I think we have taken that too far and missed the fact that we are a part of everything around us. We have an impact upon the world whether we want to or not. Either by acts of intentionality or acts of omission.

Christ calls us to reach out in tangible ways – we are called to Go. Go today and Go everyday.

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