Observing Advent – Day 05 – Flood

Observing Advent – Day 05 – Flood

Ironically enough, we got some decent rain overnight with this theme with more to come and then snow.

ImageFlood has a different meaning for me this year after what happened in Colorado (my growing-up home) earlier this Fall. To see my home and the waters that destroyed so much that I knew and loved there was heartbreaking. For the people who lost so much, including family and friends of mine, in their homes was heartbreaking and tragic. I remember just watching the coverage and seeing videos and pictures and trying to wrap my mind around what I was seeing and what my friends and family and many others were experiencing.

One thought that did come to mind was the power of water. We can do so many things to try to stop water – waterproof our basements, repair roofs, build dams and waterways, etc and water will still eventually come through.

A good friend of mine is a builder and shared with me a few years ago that he viewed the moving of God much like he did water in his work. Water finds its ways in through the cracks and the places we don’t think to try to prevent. God works much the same way (but thankfully without the destructive sides of water) in that we can put up walls and try to keep God out, yet God always finds a way. Always.


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