Observing Advent – Day 16 – Strong

Observing Advent – Day 16 – Strong

I was going to go in a totally different direction with this until I heard this morning of another friend of mine who has been diagnosed with cancer. We have a lot of __-Words. The F-word, the s-word, the n-word, etc. I think there should be a different c-word. Cancer. That’s how I feel about it. I have seen too many dear people have their lives be torn apart by this terrible disease. But in the midst of the fights through which I have walked with people, I have seen a remarkable strength that humbles and amazes me. While some I know have succumbed to this disease after fighting a strong fight, there are others I know who are continuing to fight. When I think of strong, I think of people like B, T, L, J, S, J, T, D, S, E, and many many others.

I turned the ribbon image into a grey not to symbolize any particular remembrance, but instead to focus on the many things that people fight on a day by day basis. People facing cancer or many other trials that come into their life. There is strength that is in each one of us and strength given to us by God who created us and loves us and gave the Son for us.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”


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