A Place at the Table – 04 – Ring

God, we realize that the day-to-day problems we face are so small and that our faith is often not what it should be. Moses and Nina struggled to feel assured, just as we often do. Instill in us the confidence of Your presence. Move us to a higher ground, and give us a better vantage point to see how we can join in Your work in the world near and far.


I have worn this ring for a long time now. About the only times I take it off is when I am mixing something with my hands that I don’t want to get all over it. Beyond that, it stays on my finger 24/7. This is, of course, the ring that my wife gave me when we were married. Engraved on the inside of my ring (and also on the inside of hers) are small letters that remind us of the promise we made to each other and in the presence of God and our family and friends. When I look at this ring or when I fidget with it (as I often do), there is a constant physical reminder of the promise that we have made. Seay focuses today on God’s promise to Moses and the signs that He gave to assure Moses that it was true – the staff, the hand, and the water (recorded in Exodus 7). These were signs both to Moses/Aaron as well as to Pharaoh that God was able to do just what God said he would do. So, we courageously step out to try to do God’s work in the world, God promises us the same as to Moses & Aaron – I will be there. No matter what.

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