A Place at the Table – 07 – Inside

God, we thank You for the beauty of Your sacred and divine story. We ask that as we take another step on this sacred journey that we will live more fully in Your hope and grace. Help us to see clearly that we are a people freed from a cruel master. You have paid the price to redeem and free us; may we find that freedom anew as we declare Your lordship in our lives. You are our one true master. Guide us to true freedom.


The picture today goes back to when I was a kid. I thought that I could really see inside my hands when I shined a flashlight up against my hand. I thought I could basically do my own x-rays. It was a way I could see inside…But that was just bone, but not the things that are “really” inside me…inside you.

Seay puts a very different spin on part of Moses’ story today that I had not considered before. He focuses on the fact that no matter what happened, Moses was still a Hebrew on the inside. It was that fact that led to his attack on the Egyptian slavedriver and then Moses’ fleeing Egypt before being called back there. Seay focuses on Moses and other Biblical figures – so many of whom had specific “issues” within them that led to epic fails. He writes that when a Biblical figure “failed…it was usually epic in nature.” But its easy for us to say that we would never murder someone as Moses did or commit any of the other epic fails that we read of in Scripture, but each one of us has plenty of issues inside of us that come out in ways that we do not intend. But as the prayer here lifts up, can we live in the freedom that God has provided us, free from the master of the brokenness, sin, and issues that are within?

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