A Place at the Table – 16 – Weakness

God, we thank You for leading us into our weakness so that we can escape the burden of constant stress and anxiety over the many things we cannot control. We are learning, and will continue to learn in the days to come, how to trust You for everything we need. We thank You for the abundance of food we have, and we ask Your forgiveness when we treat it as anything less than a blessing. May the food we eat and the water we drink in the coming days taste so much sweeter because we realize so clearly that it comes from You. Amen.


I wrestled much of the day with trying to find a picture that depicted weakness. There were some more literal things I thought about but I felt led to trying to find something different than that. I found it last night while attending a concert at a coffee-house type place. This piece of art really captured my attention when I walked in. I looked and did not see a title of it or the artists’ name, but it spoke to me about what weakness feels like in our lives. It feels like things are falling apart, like they are out of control, like life is far from ordered. (at least this is some of my experience). Seay references the call to the disciples to go out as lambs into a pack of wolves – going from a place of safety to a place of weakness and vulnerability. Yet as I read his words yesterday, I kept going back to Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians 12 – that when we are weak, then in Christ we are strong.

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