A Place at the Table – 21 – Water

A Place at the Table – 21 – Water
God, we thank You for the gift of clean water. Forgive us when we grumble and complain despite the abundant blessings that surround us. Help us to remember the amazing event of Moses at the Rock of Horeb so that our hearts are grateful when we encounter clear, clean water in our lives. Inspire us to continue to work alongside You to share this gift with those who have not. May we be a people celebrating Your miracle of provision for 2 million in the wilderness, 20,000 in Nigeria, and the places that You will lead us in the days to come to share Your love and grace. Amen.


I have had 3 big cups of water today, a glass of orange juice, and now currently drinking a cup of throat soother tea (still fighting a nasty cold that started late last week). I put 16 cups of water into a pot this morning to get some tortilla soup ready for later today (cooking in our Wonderbag). I have also used water to brush my teeth, use the bathroom, run a load of laundry, and rinse some plates. That’s just me in 6.5 hours of being awake. One person. Lots of water. We do have the reality of a water crisis throughout the world not just as a potential in the future but happening right now. I am thankful for the creative ideas of people right here in the US to help to deal with this crisis and people throughout the world. My prayer, however, is similar to Seay’s for today – that there is water that can come from the rock and deliver life through the miracles of God’s power and the miracles of people using their God-created intellect and their compassion and heart to change the lives of people thirsty just for one drink of clean water.

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