A Place at the Table – 22 – Foggy

A Place at the Table – 22 – Foggy
God, I am thankful that Your ancient words continue to enlighten my life. Please strengthen my posture, that when I pick up Your book, I not only enjoy the amazing story and people of the past, but I draw the lessons into my own life. Let these words unfold within my heart as a letter of encouragement from You to me. It is not by my strength but Yours that I am able to be truly vulnerable to love and able to give compassion to myself and others when we miss the mark. May my life be shaped by thankfulness and a vision for life as a kingdom citizen where all are equal and welcome. Amen.


Its so easy to throw stones. Its so easy to think that we have it all figured out – that everything is perfectly clear to us and foggy to others. Seay uses both the Hebrews in the wilderness as well as Paul’s words from Romans 7 today to remind us that we are just as foggy as anyone else. Its easy to comment on the Hebrews and their complaining about the conditions in the desert or to comment on the actions or words or beliefs of others. Its easy to think that we have it all figured out, but we are as foggy as the weather was here this morning. We can see some things clearly but the further we look out, it gets much murkier. Thankfully, as Seay points out, we do have a guide in the midst of the fog – we have the guidance of Scripture, the guidance of God’s Spirit to lead us forward.

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