A Place at the Table – 27 – Straight

A Place at the Table – 27 – Straight
Thank You, Father, that You have written these words on our hearts, the most tender of spaces, the organ that pumps life throughout our body. Let these words remind us when our life’s direction has turned from Your business and a right relationship with you. Lord, reveal to us what we have allowed into Your space. Show us what we have loved more than You so we have the opportunity to put those things in their right place and come closer to You. Amen.


I watched a wonderfully fun show the other night with my family – it was called Brain Games and the episode was on the way that our brains function with attention. Through the interactive things they did on the show, we saw the ways that when we are focused on a specific thing, we miss so much around us. We also got a sense of ways that we can work to broaden what we see and experience. But when I read this prayer, I thought of this picture I took the other morning as the fog was beginning to lift. I thought the light ahead on the road was a beautiful picture of the ways that the light is ahead of us, but its not always clear. But there is a path laid out – the path that Christ gives to us. While we walk that path, we are called to keep our eyes open to the world around us, but to continue to walk that path.

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