A Place at the Table – 29 – Recipe

A Place at the Table – 29 – Recipe

God, it is clear that You value every life. You have breathed into all of us the life that we so easily take for granted. It is a testimony to Your incredible imagination and desire that we are all unique. Help us to be obedient to Your basic directions of engagement, of care for the gift of life. We live as part of Your great family. May our actions bring unity, joy, and prosperity to our brothers and sisters both near and far. Amen.


Seay talks today about a recipe for living – following the commandments that God lays out for us – starting with the commandments that speak to our relationship to God and continuing into our relationships with others. In some ways, its like a recipe – the basic ingredients are laid out for us and then its how we then live those out in our day to day lives. As you see on the recipe in the picture, there are a lot of markings and notes that changed the recipe a bit to how we were cooking it last night. Jesus in the sermon on the mount takes many of the commandments and makes them even more challenging – its not just purely “Do not murder” but Jesus takes that commandment and moves it to a deeper level with how we relate to one another and how we talk to and about others. Adultery is widened out to not just a physical act, but the mental images and feelings that can pull us down.

The commandments for us are not simply our “checklist” for getting into heaven, but our recipe for our lives here and now, living, loving, and serving others and living for, loving, and serving God.

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