A Place at the Table – 33 – A Feast of Rest

A Place at the Table – 33 – The Feast of Rest

God, we thank You for instructing us in immensely practical ways. We are a people made to work hard and to rest well. Our bodies and spirits are suffering because we have ignored this command. Forgive us. Give us insight as we find new ways of resting weekly in Your presence. Amen.


I was richly blessed today by our worship experience at the congregation my friend serves as pastor. As a pastor, its not often that we get an opportunity to not be “on” or “up front” in worship, so when we have these times, it is a blessing. What was probably the most blessed about it (beyond my friend’s powerful sermon of course) was the last part of the service where there were several stations set up around the sanctuary for people to have a different experience of commitment, offering, and prayer. The station that meant the most to me was the one where I got this picture – it was a station with several cushions for people to kneel or sit in front of this cross. After a message of being challenged by the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10, I came to this place of prayer wanting to simply be quiet before the Lord without any demands or any lists of what I hoped to have God do, but instead to just rest in God’s presence. It was a true blessing and a feast of rest. I don’t find these kinds of places very often, but I was richly blessed to have it today.

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