A Place at the Table – 34 – Flowing

A Place at the Table – 34 – Flowing

God, as we walk in circles, as we swarm about like bees seeking a place to nest, we consider all that You have done for us. More and more as we walk, we are understanding what it means to be free, to find our joy in things that cannot be bought and sold. We catch glimpses as a community of Your love when we lean on one another, listen and engage in life stories, and remind one another that we are children of hope. Children of grace. Children of love. We know You embrace us in one another’s arms. Though we can still feel the cutting of the shackles around our ankles, we also feel the warmth of the sun healing our wounds. God, we thank You that You are near. We thank You for reminding us through our brothers and sisters that though we are vulnerable in the wilderness, You are solidifying Your plans for our deliverance. Help us to choose it. Help us, Lord. Amen.


I had a wonderful walk/run this morning after breakfast. I was planning on just going around the streets and sidewalks of the neighborhood where we are staying but I came across a wonderful little nature area next to the local YMCA. At first, it was just some paths amongst the trees, but then I came to a little stream that flowed eventually into a larger pond. There were still some patches of snow on the ground and the sun was shining beautifully (although the air was still definitely cold). As with most every time I get out amongst nature, I am refreshed and renewed. When I walk in places such as this, I never feel aimless, but instead feel that I am walking and listening in anticipation for what God is going to share with me in those times. This morning it was simply a message of God’s presence, but also a push to help others feel that same presence. I love the line in the prayer above about our vulnerableness in the wilderness, but at the same time knowing that restoration is coming not through our own power but instead through the blessings and the love and the grace of others. I am thankful that I am able to be that for others as well. I am thankful that I am able to take the flow of blessings that I feel I have experienced and seek to share it with others.

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