A Place at the Table – 36 – Delayed

A Place at the Table – 36 – Delayed

God, teach me what it means to wait. May my faith be strengthened as I see the ways that You provide in Your time. Amen.


I write this sitting in the airport waiting for my flight home this morning. I am thankful that so far, the magic words for a traveler…”On Time” still are up next to my flight. But there are a few other flights that show some delays. None more than a few minutes but still delayed. I know how frustrated I get when things do not go as quickly at I hope – whether its a driver ahead of me who isn’t going the speed limit, or a flight that gets delayed or canceled, or a host of other things…or what about those things we pray to God about? Seay focuses on Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7 where he goes through the history of the journey to the promised land and we hear once again of the time that it took for Moses to receive the call, to respond to the call, and then for the people to make their way through the desert.

As a pastor, I struggle with this regularly whether its in what I shared about prayers, or about the circumstances that people are dealing with in their lives, or when I want / hope something to happen in and through our ministries…I don’t want to wait. I want it NOW. But…we wait. We wait on the one whose ways are not our ways, whose time is not our own…We wait…(hopefully) faithfully.

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