A Place at the Table – 37 – Play-doh

A Place at the Table – 37 – Play-doh

We have been in the wilderness too long. Today my prayer is that God would soften our hearts and open our ears. I am confident that when our ears are open to hear God speak, God speaks. When our hearts are soft and able to feel His hand as it guides us, we can follow in obedience, and beautiful things happen.


I am using a different part of today’s devotion for the prayer. While the prayer he included was very meaningful, the above few lines are the ones that stood with me throughout the day. Praying that God would soften our hearts and then be open to the ways that God will do beautiful things. Throughout the day, I was looking for something that would reflect this softness, this pliability and eventually settled on some of my kids’ play-doh. Problem was that every picture I took came out just – meh. This was the best of the lot. But there’s a message in that for me – the beauty is not in what is on the outside, but what it means underneath – the shaping and molding that God is doing within each one of us – that our necks would not be stiff, that our hearts would not be hardened. But we are able to look around and see the breadth that is God and God’s work and that we are open to what God will do to shape us rather than us thinking that we are shaping ourselves.

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