A Place at the Table – 38 – Compass

A Place at the Table – 38 – Compass

Thank You, God, that You can use all things for Your good. Thank You for allowing us to identify with those who wrestle with the law, with those who struggle to remain clean and pure and cannot help but fail. Thank You for the person who reaches out to me when I am heading the wrong way, when I have been defeated by this world or my own thoughts. I need Your guidance, Your rest, Your strength. I know today without a doubt that I need Your grace. May I take these gifts into the places You send me, that these too would be used for Your greater good. Amen.


There was a post on Huffington Post a while back about a bunch of stuff listed in a Radio Shack ad from 1991 all being able to be done by a current iPhone. In addition to the things listed in the ad, an iPhone also has a built in compass. I don’t know how accurate it really is, but its interesting to have. But even with all of that stuff in our pockets to have at our disposal, nothing beats the thing that Seay speaks of in the prayer for today – another person who can reach out when we are headed the wrong way. Sometimes we know on our own, but often times we do not – we can keep going down the wrong path until that other person says (or yells) to us to stop. I am thankful for the many who have continued to reach out to me in my life – to encourage when I am down, to challenge when I need a push, to convict when I am headed down the wrong path. There is a reminder in this prayer and reminders all throughout Scripture that we are not to walk this path on our own, but with others to help us along the way.

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