A Place at the Table – 43 – Meal

A Place at the Table – 43 – Meal

Father, Your love and provision are far reaching. Your miracles never cease. You could drop bread from the sky for Your beloved, and yet You give us the blessing of giving and connecting in Your precious name. May Your Spirit continue to free our hearts and inspire us, Father, to further Your movement of grace and love and equality next door and around the entire world. Amen.


April Fools’ Day provides our family with one of the more unique meal experiences that we share each year. We draw numbers for the different “parts” of the meal and that determines the order of the meal for each of us. So, for example, last night, one could have had a straw, fork, cheese, whipped cream, and garlic bread for their “salad course” or spaghetti w/ sauce, ice, and a napkin at dessert. Note that forks, spoons, etc are only allowed at the place where they were drawn. One fun part last night was watching my daughter try to eat spaghetti out of her glass without aid of a utensil.

Seay’s reflection was about meals we share together and the power of what happens when people share around the table. Regardless of what is eaten, the connection and the relationship is what is most important. Whether its just a simple beans and rice meal or whether it is a goofy meal like we had last night, it is a way to connect and be united with one another.

I am writing this a day later than normal, but it fits with what we share tonight in the life of the church – Maundy Thursday is the remembrance of when Jesus ate his final meal with his disciples, giving them (and us) the meal that we continue to share in remembrance of Jesus and what Jesus has done for us. So, as you share your meals tonight, enjoy the company with whom you eat.

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