A Place at the Table – 45 – Cross

A Place at the Table – 45 – Cross

Jesus, the cup You offer us is bottomless, with opportunities to drink at every intersection, every chance meeting. In Your time upon this earth, You traversed a great area in order to show love to Your people. You were present in Your times, in Your discussions, in Your teachings and prayers. You looked into eyes and You reached into sore areas with tenderness and love. We believe we are called to drink from Your cup, that we are to overflow with Your grace into all areas of the world . . . in our homes, next door, and in our community, city, and beyond. Help us to walk Your path and abandon our own. Thank You for grace, love, and healing. Amen.


Would you come up to Jesus and ask the question that James and John raised with Jesus about who would sit at the spots of power in the heavenly kingdom? Jesus rebukes them by reminding them of the fact that they weren’t in the kingdom as yet and before that time could come Jesus was to drink the cup that was before him – the cross. We don’t get much of James’ and John’s response to Jesus rebuke, but I can imagine the way that they probably were silent before Jesus. I’ve been there too. Tonight is one of those times – Good Friday – a night where we are brought face to face with our own brokenness and our own sin. In the service tonight, we came before the cross with our own prayer of confession. While I nailed my confession to the rough-hewn cross, I was reminded as I looked up to see the cross above – reminding me of the cup that Jesus drank for me. However, as Seay reminds us today, we must take what Jesus has done and let that cup overflow in our homes, our neighborhoods, communities, cities, and in our world.

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