Just Watching 9 – Habitat

Just Watching 9 – Habitat

I am thankful for the inspiration of one dear friend of ours – Denny was (still is) a builder from where we used to live who helped us to finish out our first basement. He was incredibly generous with his time – coming over most Saturdays for months at a time, putting up with our incessant questions about the build, as well as fixing the things that we didn’t do correctly. All he asked us in return for his many many many hours was a running supply of hot coffee when he came and that we would volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. I had done a few days with Habitat prior to that, but Denny’s call to us led to a new passion in working with Habitat. I was blessed to see many homes go up and many lives changed through the work of Habitat. I am thankful for the partnership that our congregation in re-embarking upon as we participate in a build here in Ohio of several homes for families receiving wonderful new places to live. I attended the kickoff event for the builds yesterday morning and it was wonderful to hear their stories and see the beginnings of this new stage in their lives. I cannot wait to continue to see the homes go up over the coming months.

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