Imago Gospels 05 – Foundation

Matthew 7-8

As this passage goes along, it feels like it makes a shift at verse 24 into a series of teachings and stories about the “doing” of faith and not just the “internals” of faith. It starts with the well-known parable of the two builders – the one who built on the sand and the one who built on the rock. The one who built on the rock having the house that stood strong through the storms. What follows are a series of stories about Jesus acting out the power that he possessed (living out his faith), calling others to do the same, and also commending those who have a deep faith lived out (centurion in verses 8:5-13).

The picture today came as I was driving back home this morning – I drove past the homes for Habitat for Humanity that our congregation is a partner in building over the coming months. In both the literal and figurative senses, Habitat is about building on strong foundations – strong foundations to literally build strong houses, but also helping with the foundations for those who will live in the homes. I am proud to be a part of helping to build these homes and I look forward to seeing the ways that they continue to come together and then to see the families moving in!

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