Imago Gospels – 08 – Dawning

Matthew 11

So, this morning started off in a surprisingly beautiful way. I thought the rec center was open its normal hours so I went for an early workout only to find that it wasn’t opening until 7a. So, I decided to just go for a long walk around town. As I walked, I saw the sun slowly starting to rise and the subtle colors in the sky changing from the darkness to the first glimpses of light beginning to shine. As I came toward the end of my walk, I smelled the familiar scent of rain coming and a nice gentle rain began to fall as I walked. It was lovely.

I started off my walk with reading the passage for today and was trying to see how these different passages fit with one another and with what came before over the last few days. I heard the reproaches that Jesus called upon Chorazin and Bethsaida and wondered what sign of repentance Jesus was looking for in the people of those towns. I thought about the changes in my own life over the years and reflected upon how most of the changes were far from immediate, but were dawning realizations of change. It was like the slow rising of the sun this morning (and every morning). It doesn’t instantly come up and night changes to day, but its a slow process where the light slowly grows on the horizon.

I even hear this in the final part of the passage today – the “take my yoke upon you…” – few horses and animals ever bend to the yoke immediately, but it takes time and it takes patience, regardless of how light or how heavy the yoke may feel.

PS – The pic today is a bit photoshopped as the shot I took with my smartphone did not come out like I wanted it to – ridiculously grainy because of the low light. So, photoshopped it to make it a bit less so. But still not exactly what I would ideally like.

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