Imago Gospels – 15 – Stairs

Matthew 19

One of the great things about kids is the way that they can make so many different things to be fun. They can find joy in the things that we adults just see as everyday parts of life. During our layover in Dallas, I went exploring with the kids and they saw this big staircase and immediately one of them said, “let’s race” – so off they went up the stairs seeing who would make it to the top first. Meanwhile, as people were coming down the escalator next to them, there were smiles from adults who were seeing the joy with which the kids charged up these stairs. (Meanwhile I sludged my way up behind them).

I am not sure this is exactly what Jesus had in mind when he reproved the disciples for preventing the children from coming to him for blessings. But I think there’s definitely something to it – something of the joy with which one embraces life. So, let the children come to you and let them come to Jesus. And maybe be a bit of a kid yourself too.

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