Imago Gospels – 31 – Multiplying

Mark 8

Today, I didn’t see a few loaves and a few fish turned into a meal for thousands, but I did see the work of a passionate and dedicated group of people who are able to take what seems to be a small amount of resources and make an incredible difference in others’ lives. This is some of the World Vision staff that we worked with today when we had our visit with our sponsored child. We met at their office and walked in to be greeted with hugs and handshakes and shouts of welcome. We then heard about the vast amount of work that they are doing day in and day out. I saw sheets posted all over the walls about the different things they were doing, costs involved, directions to focus upon, and so forth. From there, we headed out to the school and to our sponsored child’s home. We saw in the work of the teachers at the school, in our child’s aunt (who cares not only for her but several other children), and in the staff of WV what a difference can be made. So, it wasn’t loaves and fishes today, but is was South African Rand, it was school supplies, it was meals being made, programs being offered, hope being developed.

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  1. A wonderful picture, Ed., as well as part of a wonderful story.

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