Imago Gospels – 33 – Children

Mark 10

I did not take this picture today, but my wife did when she went on a tour this morning of a preschool in the rural village where we stayed last night. We were staying with new friends of ours who are doctors at a rural hospital in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. After the wonderful Bible study last night, Amy was invited by one of the staff to visit the preschool that had been re-started recently in the area. It was one that was started by the passion and heart of the staff of the hospital and a way to meet a major need in the community – enabling mothers to go to work to be able to earn more of a living for their families. To me, its what I hear in Jesus’ words here in Mark 10 – Let the children come to me. Do not hinder them. We put up so many barriers to children coming to faith, coming to learn, coming to grow. Yet Jesus said, let them come. I loved hearing the story of how this community came together to let the children come and to grow and to learn.

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