Imago Gospels – 36 – Elephants

Mark 13

Our guide yesterday described elephants as the gardeners of Kruger. He said the vast majority of the downed trees are the result of elephants. When you drive through the park you see how many trees have been downed. There’s a lot of destruction that elephants do as they move through the park. Yet, according to our guide, most of it is necessary. He noted that many of the trees that elephants bring down often tend to be the ones that needed to come down – the ones that are strong stay rooted even as the elephants go by. The ones that are weaker and are needing to be felled are the ones that tend to fall.

This chapter in Mark describes circumstances of destruction and persecution and trial. Its not a warm fuzzy chapter by any means. Most of what is described are not things that any of us want to deal with. Yet, the question is whether we are rooted to remain strong in spite of what may come.

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