Imago Gospels – 42 – Water

Luke 3

I love accidental pictures. Sometimes they are immediately deleted, but sometimes you get something that is just unique. This is one of my accidental pictures form our trip. We were on the ferry from Robben Island and I was getting some shots of the waves. The camera compensated for the dimming light and the shutter stayed open just a bit longer and this was the picture. I loved it. I love the sense of mystery that I see in the shot.

Baptism has a similar mystery to me. As with much of our faith, we want to try to have everything all nailed down to specifics – what is God like? Why did things happen as they did? But the sacraments (Lord’s Supper and Baptism) both have an element of mystery to them and that’s a good thing. It means that there is more to explore, more to understand, more to receive, more to share.

Chapter 3 of Luke starts with John in the wilderness baptizing people. They ask questions, he gives an answer. They seek life changes and he points the way. But he proclaims the mystery – there’s another more powerful than him who is coming and then finally that one who is more powerful comes to be baptized by John. The son of God baptized by a fully mortal human. That’s a mystery.

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