Imago Gospels – 47 – Jar

Luke 8

This is one of the souvenirs that we brought back from South Africa. Its not that complicated – just a glass jar with a solar panel on top with lights underneath. The latch on the side of the jar is what activates the light. We first saw these when we were in our first of several blackouts in South Africa – the place we were staying in Addo had a blackout and when we came back to our room after dinner, there were about 5 of these placed around our room to give light. They aren’t that big but they put out an incredible amount of light especially when five of them were placed around the room. 

I am just one person. But because of Christ in me, I can share a lot of light. I can choose to hide that light but it is my choice of what I will do. The light of Christ is in me regardless of what I do. That’s the amazing news of this. I cannot manufacture this light. But I can muffle it or hide it. The call of course, is to let it shine. 

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