Imago Gospels – 50 – Things Left Behind 1

It’s been a few days since I last posted any pics but I have two that really capture some of my experience the last few days and both pics were taken the same morning – a few days ago when I came out to see the sun rise – and both were objects left when I got there. The first was something that made me sad and the second is something that lifted my spirits.

First the sad. It was a lovely morning on a beautiful beach with the sun slowly rising ahead. As I walked along the beach I saw…a crushed miller lite can just laying there on the sand. Now I don’t know if it was dropped by accident or if it was washed ashore but it also could have just been left by someone who was at the beach the night before. It just made me really sad that someone couldn’t have just thrown that in the recycle bin that was not far away from that point.

One of the many things that I have seem many times over this summer is a deep calling to care for this beautiful Creation all around us. When we went shark cage diving, we were reminded about the millions of plastic bags that end up in the oceans and the many animals who die because they ingest them. When we drove along the roads we saw many of those same bags just blowing across the sides of the road in some areas of the country. At the same time we saw efforts to change things. Much of our time on game drives was spent talking about conservation and protection of the animals and plants around us. We were also pleasantly surprised when we visited one store and were asked if we wanted plastic bags for what we purchased. Not thinking anything of it we said yes. Next thing you know, an additional R50 was charged. Yes, they charged us extra for the bags. While that’s not a ton of money, it reminded us to bring reusable bags the next time we went.

We have been blessed with this beautiful place to live and it’s the only one we have. God gave it to us to take care of it, to tend it, to protect it

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