A Beautiful Mess

We had a new members gathering this morning at PCW and it was a really inspiring and encouraging time. So thankful to spend the time with this group and see a great group of people joining PCW. We started with a great ice breaker where we made a web of our stories as we tossed a ball of yarn across the room and responded to a variety of get-to-know-you questions. When we were all done, there was a lovely mess of criss-crossing lines and no clear way to see where it started and where it ended. Each tug on the yarn affected the rest. As we closed the time, I shared about 1 Corinthians 12 where we read about how all of us are the interconnected members of the Body of Christ, how when one member suffers, all suffer. When one celebrates, all celebrate. It was beautiful to share this with a great group of people who have felt led to PCW as their faith home and I look forward to how their lines become deeply intertwined (and already are) with the lines already laid out. This picture is just a small piece of the larger web – it was truly a beautiful mess – just like the Body of Christ.

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