It was a stunningly beautiful day here today and after worship this morning, I simply had to get outside. So me and my boys headed out to hike for a while around my favorite nature center. I asked them where they wanted to go and the immediate response was “The stairs of Cirith Ungol!” For those who are not familiar with those particular stairs, click here… The stairs we went to today were not filled with Orcs but instead are a series of flights of wooden stairs – 195 steps in total. They wanted to climb the stairs and then visit Shelob’s Lair at the top (again, click here if you are unfamiliar with Shelob). What I loved about it was not only that the boys wanted to just run up those 195 stairs, but their wonderful imaginations – imagining that they were climbing the stairs that Frodo and Sam had themselves climbed. I am so thankful for the imaginations that God has blessed us with, especially those of kids who remind me that every place can be a place of wonder, fantasy, and joy.

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  1. Yes, God bless the geeklings!

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