Gratitude 02 – Pianos and Skeletons

So, what has struck me thus far today? Well, two things. One that was early this morning and one that I saw while I was walking home for lunch. I debated about whether I wanted to post one or the other and decided that both would be the way to go. First, the piano…Both of our sons play piano and they play wonderfully. My youngest especially loves to play and I marvel at how much he loves to do it. I never took piano lessons and still to this day cannot read music much at all (I have three notes that I sing – high, medium, and low). So, as my youngest was playing The Rainbow Connection this morning I just loved watching his fingers move over the keys in such a beautiful way and really capturing the beauty of that song. So, early today before school started for him came my first bit of gratefulness.

The second thing for today was simply something that made me smile. On the way between the church and my home is a house that has the most wonderful decorations each Halloween. They have full-on skeletons that they set up to do some rather funny things. A few weeks ago, one of the skeletons looked like he was chasing a dog skeleton to get his lower leg bone back from the dog. Cracked me up. But over the weekend they changed it around to where the skeletons were raking the leaves that had fallen. It just made me smile. There’s nothing deep or profound about it – simply something that made me smile.


Gratitude is sometimes just that – it isn’t always something deeply emotional or spiritual – but sometimes just that which brings a smile to a day.

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